Inspired by Hyuna’s latest album, A talk. ❤️
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Collage edit of our giant Maknae cause its her birthday. Yes I know I’m late. But, happy birthday!
Annoûncement. You MUST Read this.

Hey guys. Im not sure if many of you follow me on tumblr, so I don’t think I’ll post all of my edits on tumblr. I’ll only post some of it here just to make this blog as a gallery for now perhaps. I will post all of my edits on WeHeartIt since its much easier and sorry to say but I’ll start putting “lunacy88” in every photo that will be posted since i don’t want anyone to claim it as theirs when it is fully belong to mine. But pls be noted that ONLY the edits are mine not the pictures. However,if any of you want to save my pic but don’t want the ‘lunacy88’ thingy in the picture,make sure you message me! If you guys want my Facebook account link,pls ask me through the askbox. P/S: I’m also an RP too heh. But any of you can still request what you’d like at my askbox. I’ll also accept requests through Facebook. And pls be patience once you requested it unless you need it really fast. I have a life too hahaa. Pls take note that i only make edits not edits for your homework design or anything. Thanks for reading! Xoxo. ——lunacy88/Fatin——

Sungyeol for ánôn.

Sorry for my late post! Xoxo.
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Hi guys. I’ll be having my exams next week so I won’t be able to do the requests yet. But you guys are free to request by messaging me at my ask box! Take care always and wish me luck! <3

sungyeol (infinite) collage?

Your request is accepted! And thanks for being the first person to req in my tumblr web. And yes! I can make sungyeol’s but im afraid you have to wait for quite some time because ill be having my exams next week! Just wait till i post your req. And once again thank you! ❤️